4/7/17 Conan and his Sword


How did Conan learn how to use his sword?

Conan the barbarian is still one of my favourite sword fighting epic films of all time. I still get the occasional jokes from friends and acquaintances about Conan summoning my name ‘Crom’ the unforgiving god of courage and steel.

Besides all the basic plot and story of Conan the barbarian, I always wondered how did Conan learn how to wield his sword.

After doing a bit of research I found photos of Conan practising swordsmanship with his Sensei the famous Kiyoshi Yamazaki.

Kiyoshi Yamazaki is the son of a kendo teacher. Yamazaki Sensei is a principal in Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai and has interest in Iaido, Aikido and Kenjutsu. Yamazaki Sensei also loves golf.

In this post I want to show some basic Japanese swordsmanship that may have influenced our favourite barbarian Conan.

Chudan no Kamae aka Ichi No Suburi

Right foot forward and on hanmi. The right hand on top of the left hand. The kashira (pommel) is pointing at the hara or belly. Both armed are extended yet relaxed.

Ko Gasumi: Can be found in Go No Suburi (ken) or Jodan Gaeshi (Jo)

Right foot forward to side avoiding uke’s cut by using your sword as shield and ready to cut. The right hand on top of the left hand.

saito sensei

Shin No Kamae or hidari mune tsuki kamae in roku no suburi

Left foot forward and on hanmi. The right hand on top of the left hand.


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